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Start Getting Paid to Play Poker! With Rakeback rewards, every real money hand you play online is money we put right back in your pocket!

How can we do this? Simple! The poker room pays us when you play, and we pay you!

RakeBack Explained

Start Paying Yourself to Play Poker!

If you are a serious online poker player or just play occasionally, the Unmatched Poker Rake Rewards (aka "Rakeback") program is for you! We will provide you 15% - 20%of your poker rake back into your own poker account every month. This can add up to thousands of dollars per month for serious players.

What Exactly is a Rake??

Poker sites take a "cut" or "rake" of each pot that is over a certain threshold. This rake amount usually has a maximum cap or limit (generally $3). This may not seem like a whole lot but it adds up quickly when you realize most tables deal out over 75 hands an hour.

What is My Rake?

The amount of rake made from you is a portion of the rake collected by the site on each hand divided by the number of players that started the hand. For example, if $3.00 is taken from the pot for rake from a full 10 person table, the amount of ?Your? rake is $0.30 ($3.00/10 people). You even contribute to the rake if you fold and never put any money into the pot! You can see how quickly the rake can add up.

To see how much the average online player contributes in rake a month, see the table below (based on playing 2 tables simultaneously):

Estimated Rake Per Month


Total Hours Of Play Per Day (Playing 2 Tables)











































How do I get paid?

Unmatched Poker automatically deposits your Rake Rebate directly back into your poker account around the 15th of every month. You can then choose to withdraw the funds, or use them on the tables.


•  This must be a new player account. If you have already signed up with the site(s) in the past, you are not eligible for the Rake Rebate program.

•  You must use the provided link(s) on our site to signup with the poker room(s). If you use a different link we will be unable to track your rake for the rebate. If there is any question about you having visited the participating poker site(s) before, please be sure to clear your internet history, temporary files, and cookies before downloading from our link.

•  Please note that any Bonus Offers you receive from the sites will reduce the referral that we receive through our affiliate agreements with the sites and will reduce your rake rebate until the bonus is earned.


After you signup through our site, make sure to send your poker username to to start collecting your Rake Rewards today!

NOTE: Be sure to include your the poker room and account username you picked. We will contact you within 24 hours to confirm your rake rewards acceptance. Rake bonus tracking will not start until you receive confirmation.